Saturday, April 13, 2013

Emerging from the School Year

As the school year finally, FINALLY, begins to wind down, I'm actually turning my thoughts towards attending to my blog! I still have three weeks of class and final exams to go, but the end is in sight on a god-awful school year.

Yesterday I actually mustered the energy to try a simplified paella with sausage and shrimp. How many of you parents out there find yourself modifying recipes in the sometimes forlorn hope that your kids might actually eat what you cook? I certainly do. My daughter, who used to eat all kinds of things, has taken to eating not much of anything at all. My son, who has always been picky about fruits and vegetables (basically, he won't eat any...) hasn't changed any. Nothing can be too spicy. No cheese (no cheese! where did these kids come from!). Some fish is ok, but mostly not. Once child will nibble a bit of shellfish, the other won't. One child has taken to refusing rice because of a mild choking incident a couple of months ago. Did I mention no cheese? No pies. They like homemade bread but only if it's not crusty. *sigh*

So, any of you find yourself modifying recipes way more often than you would like?

Oh, well, at least they both like to help cook. My son has been helping to make his birthday cake for at least the last five years. Here's the latest.

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